All recovery points should be able to recovered with 0 errors.  Constant confirming of backups is key to this strategy.

Copy Offsite


All mission and business critical applications should have at least one copy offsite.  This ensures for a site disaster that data is available and protected from physical and logical corruption.

Understanding the strategy

3 Copies of the Data


‚ÄčAll data with SLA's should have at least 3 copies of data.  This should include primary, secondary copy, and backup/virtual copy. 

4 Copies of the Data


‚ÄčMission Critical applications should be protect by four copies of the data.  This includes primary, secondary, backup and backup copy.  

2 Media Formats


The technology gap should not be based on media types, but instead media formats.  This is on a premise that data should be protected in native (Ex: Server) and compressed format (Backup Software).