Gold Policy

Snapshot Policy: 15 Min (1D) Hourly (2D) Daily (60D)

Backup Policy: Daily (30D)

Data Location: A (production, snapshot) AND C(backup), B (replica) OR D(backup copy)

Lead Policy

Virtual Lab Based on Recover Points

Data Location: B, C, and D (capable of running virtual labs as dev, test, stage environments) No backups required.

Platinum Policy

Application Aware HA (Ex: Always On, Exchange)

Data Location: A and B (production and replication), C and D (Backup and Backup Copy)

Silver Policy

Snapshot Policy: Hourly (2D) Daily (30D)

Backup Policy: N/A

Data Location: A(production) and C(backup) AND D (backup copy) only

Policy based


Bronze Policy

Snapshot Policy: Daily (7D)

Backup Policy: Daily (14D)

Data Location: A and C only